Jessica Lampeitl – Founder of JessBoxing

I am Jess and as long as I can remember I have been passionate about exercise in different shapes and forms. From horseback riding, wrestling, football, rugby and different gym classes to thaiboxing and MMA. But there is one sport that stands out and means more than anything. Boxing!

After a rough period when I actually went into mild depression, I by chance found a boxing club and there was no hesitation whatsoever when I was asked to come and try. I was the only girl there and I had to prove to the boys that I was worthy of training with them. No excuses for being a girl! It was TOUGH! and I LOVED it!

I had a few club fights that went well but after a Knock-Out and being a mother to a young baby, I got a little hesitant to the black eyes and bruised ribs but I still adored the boxing training. Luxembourg had nothing else to offer in that area so I went back to Sweden, did a Fitness boxing course and came back and started JESSBOXING in 2003.

I loved teaching so much so I went on to do other instructor courses like spinning and Bootcamp and eventually Personal Training. During this time JESSBOXING continued to grow and I had to take on another trainer in 2005. Marie was my first choice as she had been a very dedicated client and I knew she was capable of it. She accepted the challenge and turned out to be a rock and an incredible boxing teacher. So when I decided to leave Luxembourg at the end of 2012 there was no hesitation, I wanted Marie to take over my beloved baby, JESSBOXING.

It makes me really happy that JESSBOXING continues to grow and develop. And don’t you worry, I will keep you on your toes all the way from Sweden as I am still sending over a little bit of “Jess” in your Jessbox programmes every now and again!

If you sign up to any of he HIITme group classes I am sure our paths will cross in the future as I come to guest teach once in a while. Until then I will leave you in the good hands of Marie, my partner in crime! :o )

I wish you health & happiness