Practical Information

+What days we train
We have two days a week that we train. Wednesday & Friday evenings at 18.30.
Kettlercise classes are held at:
Happy Fitness
20 rue des Peupliers L-2328 Luxembourg Hamm

Please, see our calendar underneath.

+Prices and Payments

With-in a 6 week period. You have the option of choosing 6, 8, 10 or 12 sessions.
6 = 115 euro
8 = 150 euro
10 = 185 euro
12 = 215 euro

Payment Details
HIITme Health & Fitness
1a, rue des Pres,
Itzig, L-5972,Luxembourg

Account name: MZB Fitness S.A
Bank: BCEE
IBAN: LU24 0019 4955 3896 0000

Please mention your name and Kettlercise in the communication.

What to expect in a Kettlercise session

• A class for both men and women of all fitness levels
• Kettlercise is a group exercise class that uses a Kettlebell (a weight with a handle that you can grip with both or 1 hand).
• It’s a full bodywork workout using only one piece of equipment that delivers fast results!
• It provides a great cardiovascular workout combined at the same time as strength exercises, making it a very efficient fat burner. It does all this without any running, jumping or complicated choreography, yes really!
• Create a proportionate look, kettlebells are capable of strengthening and toning muscle without building mass
• More sweat than you imagine;o)




Q. What is the difference between Kettlercise and other kettlebell training?

Q. What size Kettlebell should I start to use for the Kettlercise program?

Q. Do I have to be super fit to attend a class?

Q. What should I wear?

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