Practical Information

+What days we train
We have three days a week that we train. Monday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.

On Monday and Thursday evenings we have 2 classes a night.

The Ultimate Class (advanced) is from 18.30 – 19.30 and the Beginner/ Intermediate is from 19.30 – 20.30.

On Saturday mornings class is at 10.00am and is a mix of the two different classes.

Location – Clausen, L-1343 Luxembourg
Parking – Plateau Altmunster
Buses – 14, 20, 167, 195 Bus Stop Clausen, Plateau Altmunster

Please, see our calendar underneath.

+Holiday Timetable
During the typical school holiday periods as often as possible we will run In-Betweeny Jess Boxing sessions. These are for JessBoxers that want to keep going.The In-Betweeney Jess Boxing sessions are not part of any of the monthly deal options. They are extra.

In-Betweeny JessBoxing will only go ahead, if there is a minimum of 8-10 people that have confirmed their place by e-mail.

Prices are 15 € per class or x3 = 40€

+Prices and Payments
There are different price options, depending on how many times a week you would like to train and for how long.

4-week deal
X2 per week = 115€ (8 classes)
x3 per week = 167€ (12 classes)

3-month deal (12 weeks of training)
X2 per week = 299€ (24 classes)
x3 per week = 379€ (36 classes)

6-month deal (24 weeks of training)
x2 per week = 500€ (48 classes)
x3 per week = 650€ (72 classes)

In-Betweeny JessBoxing
15 € per class or x3 = 40€

Payment details
HIITme Health & Fitness

Account name: MZB Fitness S.A
Bank: BCEE
IBAN: LU24 0019 4955 3896 0000
Please, mention your name and period of course your are paying.

What to expect in a HIITme JessBoxing session

• Jess Boxing is for women only and is for all fitness levels
• With-in a group you work with a partner. One person wears gloves & the other wears pads. As no class involves the physical hitting of an opponent, it is a fun, challenging and safe workout
• Expect lots of punching, some kneeing & kicking, full body exercises, like planks, press ups and squats
• Expect to sweat and have some fun
• A great stress relief !! – get rid of any frustrations or aggression
• Focuses the mind – gives your mind a break from all the things you need to do – you think of nothing else





Q.Do I need to bring any equipment?

Q. Can I come to the boxing session just once a week?

Q. Boxing sounds dangerous will I get hurt?

Q. What if I miss alot of the sessions, can I get my money back?


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