Best bootcamp in Luxembourg! Do not hesitate to join us at 7am during the week or 10am on Sundays, your body will feel the difference rapidly :-)
Very nice and humble group and a great trainer!
Pascale Dejean

HIIT me bootcamp sessions are great fun and highly addictive! Once you get used to train outdoors you can’t live without it. Marie can really motivate you and knows exactly how much she can push – which is normally a lot more than you ever thought you could do!

Susanna Inedahl

I have been coming to Jessboxing for almost 6 years! It is the best fitness program I have ever followed. It is a fitness routine you WANT to come to. The classes are never the same and the girls are so nice! I have had two baby breaks and have really enjoyed to return when my body was ready. You can set your own pace and do what your body is ready for. Marie is an amazing instructor, she motivates you and makes sure you do the exercises correctly! I would recommend Jessboxing to anyone who wishes to exercise. It is fun, challenging and great for all body types.

Anne-Louise Littlejohn

Having an office job and sitting way too long for many hours made my body cry and scream with pain. Tensions everywhere, I couldn’t lift my arms anymore. That was more than 2 years ago.

Now my body is addicted to a different kind of pain and loves it. Sweat and the sound of the gloves hitting the pads is what I need and feel good with. I couldn’t be more relaxed and relieved – being healthier in many ways. Joining Jessboxing simply was one of the best decisions

Judith Völz