HIITme Health and fitness as a brand started in Luxembourg January 2016. We specilise is group fitness classes and run three different groups for you to choose from, HIITme JessBoxing, HIITme BootCamp and Kettlercise Luxembourg.

Our aim is to be different to a typical franchise gym. We would like your experience in any HIITme Health & Fitness session to be more effective, real & more personal to you and us.

We want health & fitness to become an easy and enjoyable part of your life, that you look forward to doing every week. Here is a little history on the classes and then you can really find out exactly what to expect in each class. So choose one of our groups and let the fun begin! and see what are clients think about the classes too…….



HIITme JessBoxing first started 14 years ago and was the first fitness boxing group in Luxembourg.

It started out being known as just Jess Boxing, purely because it was originally founded by Jess. (you can find out more about Jess below).

All those years ago it started out small with just a few people and slowly by word of mouth it steadily grew to what we now have today.

We now have 5 different sessions a week and you can still find one of our original clients from those very early days still in our classes.

How many people do you know that have being going to the same gym or fitness class for 14 years!  I like to think we must be doing something right…..

Find out exactly what to expect in a HIITme JessBoxing session…..


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Kettlercise Luxembourg is the latest addition to be run by HIITme Health & Fitness and started in September 2016 just once a week on Wednesday evenings. We quickly realised once was not enough so we added a Friday evening class too.

Kettlercise is very well known in the UK for a very good reason!

I (Marie, read about me below) used Kettlebells in my own training and wanted to bring it to people in a group format and Kettlercise is the answer to that.

Like Boxing and Bootcamp Kettlercise keeps it simple and straight to the point providing an effective, challenging but fun workout.You use just one piece of equipment, Kettlebells. With that one Kettlebell you can use every single muscle in your body.

Find out exactly what to expect in a Kettlercise session…..

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Boot Camp

HIITme BootCamp started in October 2014, just once a week on Sunday morning.

I wanted to a teach a different type of group fitness that was outdoors, enjoying the health benefits of working outside in the natural environment.

As well as providing a great exercise I wanted to prove a point to clients that you don’t need any fancy gym equipment or the latest fitness gadget to get you fit. You can get a far more effective workout using only your own bodyweight and you can do it anywhere!

With BootCamp exercises all you need is you, there are no excuses or restrictions!

In 2016 we have expanded with 2 more sessions during the week on Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 7.00am at the Pirate Ship.

Find out exactly what to expect in a HIITme BootCamp session.

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